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  July 04,2014   President Shen Zhaojun visits Hong Kong Financial Institution
  Jun 16,2014   CRM Signs Deepened Cooperation Agreements with Maanshan Iron & Steel Group
  May 28,2014   Chairman of the Board Lin and Vice President Li Meets Chairman of Rizhao Port Du Chuanzhi, Chai...
  May 22,2014   China Railway Materials Company Signs Industry Group Headquarters Project Agreement with Hefei ...
  May 21,2014   China Railway Material Company Holds the Sixth Training Courses of Studying and Implementing th...
  May 20,2014   President Shen Zhaojun Attends Railway Construction Mobilization Meeting
  May 20,2014   Chairman of the Board Lin Wanli Meets the Deputy Mayor of Tianjin Ren Xuefeng and his associate...
  Sep 20,2012   Corporate Social Responbility Report of China Railway Materials Company Limited 2011
  Sep 04,2012   CRM Ranked 45th among the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, Ranked 20th among the Top 500 Chinese Se...
  Aug 15,2012   Vice-president Li Zhimin and General Counsel Tian Xinsheng visited Brunswick Rail Company of Ru...
  July 27,2012   CRM President Li Wenke Visited President of Cote d'Ivoire Outarra
  July 11,2012   CRM Reach To 349th Of The 2011 Fortune Global 500 Companies
  Jun 26,2012   Vic President Mr.Li Zhimin Met Board Chairman Ethelbert Cooper Of African Iron Ore Group
  Jun 13,2012   CRM President Li Wenke Attended "Investment Fund of China & Russia Foum"
  May 21,2012   Vic-President Ran chang and Wang Cai Visited African Minerals Limited
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